Work and Play Safe in our Montclair Luxury Apartment Community

Montclair luxury apartment community

The streets may be empty, the office buildings and shopping centers may be vacant, and the homes of the country may be full of worried residents making do with history-changing circumstances, but here at Alexan Kendry we want to ensure that our residents are still getting the comfort they deserve. We put this high standard throughout our entire Montclair luxury apartment community through our amenities, giving you peace of mind for any task you put your mind to.

For starters, those having a hard time adjusting to a remote job, whether you lack focus in a place you normally rest in or you lack a home office of your own, can use our high tech co-work stations. There’s plush lounge seating and work niches for you to concentrate on your crucial assignments, as well as complimentary Wi-Fi access so you can connect with co-workers from around the world. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in your hobbies instead, we have several art studios for the creative and imaginative hearts in our home. Pick up essential packages whenever you are ready using our 24/7 package locker service sponsored by Amazon Hub. Pamper your furry roommates in our pet-friendly community, complete with a beautiful dog park and a fully-equipped pet spa. Finally, our outdoor courtyards are perfect for getting a good dose of fresh air while keeping safe social distance.

Live life to the fullest even when your options are limited at Alexan Kendry. Schedule an online tour with us today to see our Montclair luxury apartment community up close.