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"We love it here. Moved in a few months back and have been living comfortably so far. Taking advantage of the amenities is a plus. Also, the dog spa! really convenient for us dog lovers."
"Love location is very centric and have everything close by, employees are very nice, areas are always clean respectful neighbors. Club house is Great."
"Love the ambiance and facilities. Sometimes the grounds and the pool are not as clean as we hoped but overall the experience has been very good 👍"
"New management isn’t very personable, but that’s business. The tenants that live in bldg 6 that everyone complains about needs to be acted upon. And I guess rent is going up $300."
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"Since the first day everything is great! The staff is always happy and willing to help you! Apartment and amenities are great there always clean!"
"Management is very bad , even the maintenance workers aren’t friendly. Been here almost half a year now, never had issues with the previous company."
"The community at Kendry is nice. The only think is that the customer service from the front desk can be more efficient and responsive. Sometimes to get an answer for something it take over a month."
"My girlfriend and I are so happy to be part of this community and move it !!! The experience has been nothing but wonderful !!! Im glad we get to be part of a welcoming place !!! Super excited !!!!"
"everyone has been super friendly and kind! The leasing office have been super helpful with any questions or concerns. All of the amenities have always been well taken care of as well"
"I enjoy the fast responses & the office is extremely nice. They are very helpful & will make sure that all residents are enjoying their living here."
"Love all of the community amenities here! Often find myself working in the quiet work area, or even the art room whenever I have a lot of things to do. Also, Jennifer in the leasing office is an absolute sweetheart and is always so quick to respond and so helpful! Javier on the maintenance team is also amazing."
"clean inside the home but the shower head needs to be tightened and something to clean the oil off in the garage. Besides that everything else is working great so far!"
"The best place we ever lived wouldn’t change anything! The property is always clean and quiet. We are Already thinking about renewing our lease."
"Love it here at the Kendry in Montclair, Ca—I just didn’t know that water & trash were separate utilities that I needed to pay for outside of the SCE electric bill. It is what it is."
"Experience everybody’s friendly Staff is the best good activities best exercise equipment pleasure to be here The pool the activities room the Staff are always hands on always willing to help and go the extra mile"
"Property is clean and largely well taken care of. Beautiful amenities. Very helpful staff. One complaint is the college students that use the shared spaces for their parties and organization gatherings."
"Lived here for about a year now and love it. The place is always kept clean. The gym has everything you need for a great workout and is always clean as well. The front office always replies quickly to any concerns you have."
"I really like it here. We moved from a three bedroom house but in 1954 in the suburbs. There is an urban feel here. Everything is new and stays new with the service the residence provides."
"love the floor plans and The staff is always nice & very good with reaching them. maintenance is always available to help you even in weekend theyre a call away. They’re very fast at fixing anything you need fixed! The staff aren’t the issue & I feel bad for the staff having to pick up after residents bc owning a dog comes with responsibility & there’s doggy bags everywhere so there’s no excuse :many people do not pick up after their pets & the dog park is full of poop. My dog no longer goes inside due to lots of dog pooping soft/diarrhea & I don’t want my dog to get sick from being around it.I like the spot I’m currently in, but there is 0 parking at times. I have my own garage but I see ppl struggle to find parking & its sad bc they shouldn’t have to sit in their car for 20-30 min after arriving home to wait for parking."
"I love the professionalism from all the staff. Housekeeping, Maintanace, and leasing consultants. Any issues or concerns are addressed promptly. My neighbors on the other hand are quite annoying. Poop is often not picked up in dog area. Poop even on chairs. They dump their apartment trash in the community trash cans outside. Apparently are not capable to walk a few feet and use the dumpster."
"Every Has been great, the management and the staff have been really good to us. Maintenance were done on time as well. Tge only issue is with the noise. But that’s about it."
"Happy place. Clean community . Great amenities. Beautiful lights. Upgraded apartment smart kitchen appliances and nest on the wall is great as well can connect to your phone and control air by your phone"
"Love how the property is always clean. The Managers are very nice. The property is very quiet, also we love it when they do events for the residence."
"Overall great! Our cars just got broken into one at the beginning of the year and one last week luckily we do not keep any valuables in our cars, but both times they stole our car registrations. It’s and expensive community some security would be nice in return as there are homeless people going through out community often."
"The best ever everyone helps a lot of fun the pool barbecue and the weight room the gym upstairs activity room the bombshell r always taking care of you going the extra mile"
"We shall see what the next year brings. The last was a good one. As long as it remains clean and up to date with great staff then it’s a great place to be"
"My family loves our new apartment. It’s nice. It’s quiet. It’s beautiful. Great customer service from Jennifer from start to finish. I was looking around and went to multiple places. I was stuck between two Kendry being one. What made me decide was the fact that any questions I had via email/call. I always got a response. I can’t say the same of the other building I was checking out at the time. That’s why I decided on A. K. I can not express how happy I am with my decision."
"I love this community. It is safe, concerns are answered and remedied quickly. The amenities are great. We love the pool and jacuzzi. The outdoor gathering areas are aesthetically pleasing and convenient for all buildings. I love the community raised planter boxes!!"
"Clean, beautiful community. The amenities are amazing, and are kept fairly clean. The staff is very helpful and kind. I also love the community activities (like succulent planting and mug painting)."
"Apart from the usual smell of smoking and loud neighbours, everything else has been good so far. Have had several issue in the unit, but the maintenance team have followep up in timely manner and things were take care of."
"Great community. The community and amenities are always well kept and clean by staff. The gym has everything you need to have a great workout. They are always looking for ways to improve."
"We have be living her for about 8 months now and we like it here. Just wish there was more parking space and that people don’t drive so fast in the back parking area. Everyone her is mostly friendly."
"Once the management was changed in the office and some people were let go things were Much better. Nice place to live, amenities are good, neighbors were eh though when it came to noise."
"So far it's been good. I love the place and amenities can now be enjoyed with covid limitations. Everyone is friendly. I do wish there were more guest parking."
"We like how the property is always clean. You don’t really hear much noise. When you need to get a hold of the managers they are easy to reach."
"Overall a great community with wonderful staff. The amenities offered are great. They are always trying to improve the community and keep it clean."
"I honestly have to say the management has stepped up in so many ways! The people at the office are awesome, handle things in a timely manner, and truly address any and all concerns."
"It’s so wonderfully clean and organized here! We love the atmosphere and how promptly the staff manages any concerns we have. Our move in was seamless and our neighbors were very accommodating to us having moving trucks around"
"I love the sense of community here at the Alexan Kendry Apartments and the open line of communication from the staff to the residents. Also, love that the gym and amenities are opening back up."
"Love everything about this little community, it has everything pool, gym, dog grooming and more only thing I would add is a playground for my kids."
"Clean, well-kept and beautiful community. Leasing office and maintenance staff are very professional and kind. Very excited for the amenities to open back up!"
"my dog likes the dog park. Because she gets to be off leash for a while and explore the grass area for a bit. That is a nice touch they added to this community which I’m thankful for it. The dog spa is another great added feature to the community, my dog doesn’t really enjoy showers but pets must stay clean even when they don’t enjoy the shower. I would say 9/10 residents pick up after their pets."
"Community is great, calm and quite. Specially for those working from home. the dog park is great. Only thing is parking, it’s a bit hard to find parking."
"Amazing community- wish I had the opportunity to see them more! However, that is life in the pandemic. The AK staff is always so wonderful to say hello too and engage with"
"All I can say is A-1 thumbs up all the above since I've been here it's been peaceful the staff is very helpful regardless if you have any issues the staff is always on top of it and they are very very understanding and create Solutions to help you I love it here at Alexan Kendry Apartment Homes and it's just what it makes you feel like at home"
"Everything is good except the fact that this is supposed to be a non smoking community and that doesn’t seem to be the case. And every other day there is a cigar/ cigarette budd, ash and spit lying in my front porch (P.S. I live in the ground floor). I am sick and tired of cleaning so these days I am just letting it be and have stopped opening my front door."
"Best place I’ve ever lived at. The property is always clean. The managers are always on top of things. The staff is also very helpful and friendly."
"Amazing property and great staff, just need more parking space. Can’t wait for everything to open so we can fully enjoy what the property has to offer."
"Great living, sometimes appliances don't work but help and handymen are prompt with service and repairs. Wonderful amenities, but wish they were open for Covid. I know AK is doing their best!"
"Office staff has been extremely helpful with resident issues and is in tune with resident needs, despite the pandemic putting a damper on office hours. Wish we could use the facilities more, but that is not the fault of the company but rather a product of the times. Would recommend living here to my friends. Wish parking was easier, but a again, not the fault of the management."
"Apartments are nice and new. Really love the kitchen design and outdoor seating areas. The apartment community can get loud at times but otherwise everything is good."
"Parking situation is horrible to say the least. If you’re going to have neighbors above you and plan to work from home or want a peaceful home, good luck; these walls are very thin."
"It has been 7 months into my lease, and I have no complaints! Neighbors are friendly and staff are very responsive. The amenities are a huge bonus! I can't wait to fully utilize all the amenities after COVID ends. If you want a place that treats you like family, this is it!"
"Excellent community! Access to community amenities! Friendly community! The staff communicates well with residents for updates and community engagement opportunities"
"This is a newer place to live, the quality of the appliances isn't great though. The neighbors around me are inconsiderate with noise and it is a no smoking property and people are still smoking . Overall I do appreciate the maintenance staff, Javier and chandler, for helping us out when anything went wrong."
"The community is very clean compared to other communities around the area. I like how its very close to Claremont Village. The amount of parking for visitors is limited however."
"Maintenance does a perfect job at their work . And the leasing office also gives me the respect I need . But management needs to show that she actually really cares for her residents ."
"The grounds are immaculate. I appreciate seeing the crew cleaning up in the morning and working hard throughout the day. Move in was made easy by the helpful and informative staff. Moving in comes with minor bugs, and all of those have been addressed promptly. Thank you!"
"Love it so far Front office staff is so friendly !! I love how lit up the dark park area is The front office smells amazing We appreciate the community being so friendly for our puppy"
"I love the Alexan Kendry Apartment Homes. The property management staff is so kind and helpful, and the apartments are the most modern up to date apartment homes in Town. I’m proud to call it home here."
"I love living here, the Alexan Kendry Team provides the best customer service. They respond quick to all my inquiries and they are very kind and friendly. They truly care about all the residents."
"Horrible Not enough parking, parking restrictions suck and no access to amenities I moved in here for and it’s already 4 months in this lease."
"I love Alexan Kendry! This apartment complex is so beautiful and very well taken care of. The residents are nice and the office staff are great!"
"This place is very friendly to all residents, human and non-human alike. The staff are responsive and very accommodating to all residents with any requests."
"Horrible parking situation, but amazing maintenance. Customer service is so-so. Floors are thin so cant use my vibration function m of my bed."
"Great community in my first few weeks. Nice and respectful community. Especially like the adherence to the Covid precautions. Recently observed the staff wiping down the common areas, including the often used hand rails. Really appreciated by myself and my friends who helped me move in. Makes for a great community."
"So far so good really enjoying the property to comfort and the surroundings. Neighbors seem to be friendly love the dog park and all the bond fore sections and of course the bbq grills which I’ll be using often"
"Folks working the front desk are just amazing. My floor plan is perfect for our work from home/kids home school setup. Location is just perfect with shopping down the street and lots more to do with a quick 5-10 min drive. Love it."
"The neighborhood is great and the apartment is beautiful. We love the dog park, and how easily accessible everything is. The neighborhood is the perfect blend between lively and peaceful, and the staff here are all AMAZING!"
"My experience has been pretty good overall! I really enjoy all the amenities at AK and my apartment is very nice. We have struggled with some appliance issues but otherwise it has been great."
"My experience living at my apartment community has been great. The staff is extremely friendly. I like how it’s a smoke free community. I like how they do community events."
"I had some issues when I moved in. After 2 and half months of move in, some plumbers were working on other apartment which happen to destroy my bathroom. I was supposed to be reimbursed. Its November, this issue happened in August and its still not resolved after almost 3 months. I’ve also had to file numerous noise complaints. I have tried speaking to property manager too. But the issues havent been resolved yet."
"We’re really love our new home. We’re really happy that you chose to live here. We love all the amenities that it comes with new full size washer and dryer all stainless steel appliances. Highly recommended it."
"Amenities and apartment is great but there are a few annoying issues like ants during hot months. Also there is a lot of noise outside from students, and maintenance crew. As a suggestion I recommend the empty space under the stairs be used for bike racks since we aren’t allowed to have our bikes in the balcony."
"Overall the community is great, but parking needs work. If parking were more affordable and accessible I think many of us would be willing to pay for an extra parking spot versus fighting over the free parking."
"Beautiful apartments and really awesome amenities. Love the view from my apartment of the mountains . Super close to the mall and other restaurants. Love that it is dog friendly ."
"Parking is becoming an issue. Also having loud neighbors. Not being notified about a part of the community being used as dorms. Maintenance does a good job"
"Love everything about this apartment. My only issue is the fact that I got only one parking spot with my two-bedroom apt😅 Hence the 4 stars."
"The community is great however I would love it even more if the amenities that are being paid for would open up availability rather than be closed entirely."
"I personally decided to live here because the staff were so welcoming and genuine. My mom loved interacting with the staff! They are so professional and are always available to answer my questions or help me solve any problems. This expands to all staff members - managers, leasing consultants, maintenance! Thanks for always working so hard for our community!"
"Very loud here but the apartment is nice. Haven’t been able to use any of the amenities because of COVID restrictions but they look nice. Outdoor areas are nice as well."
"I love living here, the property is beautiful, the amenities are awesome, and a sense of community is building here. My only complaint is the lack of parking and restrictions on guest parking and parking outside of the garage. I understand the parking is limited but in my opinion I think we pay enough in rent to have more parking privileges. In fact, I am still unclear about parking rules we don’t have a parking space outside our garage and if we do there’s a chance we’ll be towed? Luckily we have one car now and one of us lives close enough to work to bike, but what about when we do need another car? The garage only fits one (snugly I might add and it’s a small Prius). Anyway, love it but hate the parking situation."
"Although the site is new and wonderful. Parking is not . Parking has been very difficult . There have been multiple accounts where other cars have been parked in my spot and I couldn’t call to tow them. In addition we moved to this complex because of the smoking free zone. Again, there has been various people I have seen smoking weed and cigarettes everywhere ."
"The staff is very friendly, the apartments are extremely nice with high end touches. The amenities are also very nice, and the AK staff have worked hard to make it work for us in times of COVID"
"So far I really like the apartments. The leasing office is super friendly and accommodating. The place is beautiful and in a good location. My only complaint would be that the garbage disposal wasn't set up upon moving in, you can hear people walk upstairs very clearly and outside noise from the window if someone is talking. Also, the garage is so small, I already sratched the paint on my car! Other than that.. I still like the place and love the new appliances, deep tub, and washer and dryer!"
"So far I have had an ok experience my parking spot is too far, there’s ants everywhere, and when I signed up for pest control the office failed to mention I needed to be gone 2 hours. I work from home and signed up during my work hours not knowing I had to leave. I’ve had to go out and buy my own ant sprays to resolve it myself."
"The property is beautiful and the amenities are all well maintained. The staff has been amazingly helpful and have adjusted well to the COVID pandemic. The only thorn in my side is parking; there is not enough resident parking available and that was not emphasized when filling out my application."
"Beautiful Community with updated amenities! Friendly neighborhood with inviting layout. The interior is updated with beautiful appliances. Great place ."
"This place sucks. The amenities are the only nice thing here. Everyone is super inconsiderate when it comes to noise the doors to the building shake the building and are so loud every time they close. Almost everything in our apt had broken at some point (only 4 months being here) the ac 2x, the dishwasher, and one toilet. The people who work at the office are incompetent and have no communication between each other."
"So far so good!! Would like the parking to be a little easier but beyond that I like it here. Once the gym is open and normal I’ll really be happy with my place"
"2 stars because the actual apartment is great but everything else kinda sucks. Parking is awful. Yah, extra spots were available to rent but those sold out insanely quick. EV charging is a lie. The promise of EV chargers is what made me pick this place, so that is extremely disappointing. Loud neighbors everywhere is also an issue. A lot of college kids moved in. They are loud and drink and smoke pot everywhere. I saw a group shotgunning beers in the parking lot. It constantly smells like weed on my floor and in the elevator. Not a fun environment to come home to after a long shift. I really regret moving here."
"So many features to complement surrounding areas...lounge ,workout facilities,and business room. This place is more then a's as Community that cares ...with a staff that delivers A1's a place you can call home..."
"Excellent service staff is really nice apartment complex is kept up very well and on a tight schedule, The dog park and pet spa are very convenient for our pet"
"So far it’s been a great community, only issue is parking for guest is very very limited. The amenities are great and easy access to near by stores"
"Staff is great and very helpful. Amenities are nice and clean. The area is great, and I love that when I call for anything wrong in my apartment, I immediately get a response."
"The experience has been wonderful! The apartments themselves are super nice, and the amenities included are luxurious. The staff has been accommodating. I also love the area. My only complaint so far is that parking in their garages can be kinda tough depending on if the spaces nearby are filled."
"The leasing team have been amazing from the day I walked in the door to view the property and they continue with amazing customer service even after the amazing customer service convinced me to sign a lease! Your team rocks!!!"
"I have really enjoyed living here! The amenities are wonderful and the community is so welcoming! Theo absolutely loves the dog park and going to the leasing office to say hello!"
"Good afternoon, We like the community because it is very well maintained. Excellent service from leasing office . With in 24 ours complain will Be resolved."
"Well, this is only my first full week and far it has not been a bad experience. The staff is friendly and approachable . We also like the fact we have a view and the apartment home is bright and airy. The community is very new so you have to let them know that we are across the street from the Fire Department because Goggle sends them somewhere else entirely."
"Very peaceful community to live in, fun activities for residents which are planned by the awesome staff like the movies in the park. It is also a very neighborly and friendly community as well."
"There is a lot that we love about the Alexan Kendry apartments: The Samsung appliances, the free parking, the amazing gym/yoga room/pool/art making room/community space /dog run/BBQ grills, etc. (How can anyone not love all the obvious effort to make this a beautiful, warm, well-designed community space!). But, even above all of that, we love all of the members of the AK leasing/management, staff, and maintenance team. Everyone who works here has been gracious, kind, and prompt in responding to any calls for assistance that we have had. We are incredibly grateful to have found the Alexan Kendry Apartments and can not recommend it highly enough."
"We had some issues when we first moved in. However, the staff was very attentive and took care of our matters in a timely manner. The amenities are great and everyone is so sweet and welcoming! Thank you Alexan Kendry!"
"I just moved in about a week ago and i am absolutely loving how clean and quiet the community is. I love how everyone is the office friendly and helpful"
"Living here at Alexan Kendry have been so peaceful everyone that I've met here so far from the staff to Residence have been so helpful especially the staff I noticed that they will go out of their way to make everyone here comfortable and that's definitely appreciate it I give it five stars"
"Love the little community. The managers and staff are really nice and respectful. Love the layout of the that fact that it’s a smoke free apartments."
"Amenities are great! The parking is a pain- garages WAY too narrow and difficult to pull into. The apartment itself is beautiful and incredibly nice. People are nice. Leasing office is helpful most of the time. Appliances were broken upon arrival but are fixed now. Move-in was a pain. Wish there were elevators"
"Love the complex and amenities. The staff and maintenance has been great so far. All of the apartments are updated which is one of my favorite features. The only downside is there is basically no parking after 4pm unless you get really lucky if you have a second vehicle in your household."
"Great and helpful staff. Some really good amenities. Only down side is garage space is super small, and I scratch my car going in. Also wish we had access to more of the amenities, which were closed due to COVID. Also wish hallways and halls were kept a bit more clean."